Organically Grown in Our Courtyard Garden

All of the herbs that were planted at the  academy courtyard were in their full glory within a few weeks of planting the seeds, thanks to weeks of 30 degree weather. One of our kitchen crew has a love for plants, (just like his dad) and felt compelled to plant a bunch of herbs and vegetables in our courtyard, just for fun. I was excited for him to point out the dill, basil, rosemary, parsley and thyme, as they are all the herbs I also grow in my own garden at home. Every day, for every meal I’ve been showing the students how those herbs can be integrated into each meal. Everything has been full of flavor. Most of these herbs we toss into our dishes just before serving so the full fragrance and fresh taste is at its max. For example, parsley into rice dishes, basil into pasta and our many home-grown tomato dishes, Thyme in all of the stocks and soups, Rosemary with the potatoes and roasts, Dill in the cucumber salad (the cucumbers were also from the garden) and so on.

Growing herbs is a great place to start if you are a gardener wana’be. You can grow them in a cup on the window sill or out in the yard. Happy Summer!

by Vic Tiongco

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