Meet the team

Price Pro is happy to welcome Blue Seal Certified Chef, Mark(Marco) Hobson to the family

Mark has over thirty two years experience working in the food and beverage industry. We asked Mark to tell our customers about himself and what he has to offer, in particular the new Price Pro Catering Division as well as managing the meals for the students at our John Volken Academy, Surrey Campus. Mark says, “As a Chef, I am a delivery system for joy. I always hope that who I am as a person shines through each dish. I love to cook and cook with others. There is a closeness that comes with working in a group, producing a meal, together, like a family. Personalities shine through, it creates something very beautiful and unique . It’s so much better to work together.  Alone, a human being can only bring so much. Instead of a “look at me” position, it’s more like “we made this for you”. It’s bigger than one chef’s ego, it’s a gift to the diner. It’s joy.. on a plate.”

We asked Chef Marco, what he likes most about working at the John Volken Academy, Price Pro.  “This position is a unique opportunity for me. I have always loved to serve others. My experience travelling the world cooking from the North West Territories, Montreal and South Miami Beach, has taught me seek out richness in all areas in my life. There is nothing more satisfying and rich to the soul than helping others in need. It seems anything I do that is lead by my heart in the area of service, is where I thrive.  The students I work with everyday in the Academy are amazing. One day,  I asked myself, “why is it these people are so amazing and hard working, compared to my other jobs?’ Then I realized, these students were fighting for their lives. They are fighting to start a fresh life. Giving my crew sound culinary skills, like how to season food, make a soup, eat for health, be creative, cook with love, are a few things that make my day so rewarding.  The pride and joy that oozes from each meal we successfully prepare appears to have a healing affect, not just on us, but to the people who eat it. There is so much love put into each meal, it can’t help but move a person, move them to a place of joy.”